Hard cover case maker

Referentie 12620
Fabrikant N/A
Type hard cover case maker
Bouwjaar N/A
Specificaties Hard cover making table -Casemaker-

Duty Cycle:
The operator manually handles the covering material, to the gluing device in which the hot glue is automatically applied (operating temperature 60-70 ° C).
A sheet of covering material with glue the operator places it manually on the suction table, then manually handles sheets of cardboard and spine.
The pre-prepared cover is inserted into device manually, which winds up and glues the top and bottom of the covering material (patented brush system).
During the sizing operation, the cover is pressed through the guide rolls.
Covers leaving the unit are immediately ready for further processing
The machine is equipped with:
– gluing device for applying glue onto the top of the sheet
– table with a suction
– guides fixing the veneer and cardboard
– wrapper module
– delivery table

Technical data:
Max format: 840x500mm
Min format: 100x100mm
Performance: 100-150 covers / h
Thickness of the covering material: 80-200 gsm
Thickness of cardboard: 1-4mm
Overlap covering material: 13-20mm

Glue temperature: 30-100 ‚C
Glue capacity: 2-3kg
Smooth adjustment of the rotation speed of the rollers and brushes
Types of covering material: fabric, laminated paper, photographic paper, imitation leather, PVC, polyurethane.
Dimensions of the machine: 1500x1000x1000mm
Power supply: 380V
Consumption: 3.7kW
Machine weight: 500kg

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