CMC Pratica insteek- en verpakkingsmachine

Referentie 11990
Fabrikant CMC
Type Up-Grade Pratica
Bouwjaar 2017

CMC Up-Grade Pratica insteekmachine en verpakkingmachine

Equipped with:
– main product feeder A8 with 2 vacuüm heads
– A9 mechanical first page opener
– 14 stations A14P (where as 2 units are equipped with Sep 1 Disk attachment for processing of oblong folded products)
– infeed belt to foil unit
– foil unit
– RA4oz be
lt for sealed products, with kicker for bundling. Length is 4 meter.

Pratica is an automatic film-wrapping machine for magazines, newspapers, catalogues and direct mail with a cycling speed of approx. 12.000 pieces per hour: suitable for mailing houses, print finishers …

Technical details


–              Sheetfeeder for documents, equipped with single gripper
–              Min. size: 80 mm x 110 mm.
–              Max. size: 250 mm x 350 mm.
–              Max. paper weight 70 gr.
–              Max. thickness 5 mm

–              First Page Opener with 2 vacuüm heads
–              suited for 80 gr/m2 paper

–              Mechanical First Page Opener.
–              suited for 80 gr/m2 paper


–              Rotary Disk seperator for A14p sheetfeeder. Mounted inside the station, the Disk Seperator is made to feed ‘oblong’ folded documents and documents with a staple in the corner. 1 side is closed.
The product is feeded by the closed side by a single sucker, where the document is seperated and feeded by the disk.
–              Two A14p stations are implemented with Sep1 option.

–              Belt for sealed products, with kicker for bundling. Length is 4 meter

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