Durrer Remat 3A index cutter

Reference 12327
Manufacturer Durrer
Type Remat 3A
Year 2004
Specifications Used Durrer Remat 3A semi automatic index cutter

Technical details
Guide values A4 to A7
Max. 350 x 430 mm (book spine x book width)
Non-printed indexes min 40 x 68 mm
Printed indexes min 40 x 75 mm
Book thickness max. 50 mm
Max. Cutting thickness 7 mm

Cutting length up to max. 315 mm
Cutting width 4 – 60 mm
Max. Cycle power 120 cycles / min
90 cycles/min with printed indexes
60 cycles/min for form cut

Suitable for cut forms angular cut 90°, 110°, 120°, thumb cut, U-cut

Dimensions        2010 x 1750 x 1420 mm (l x w x h)
Weight                 ca. 650 kg

Condition used
Availability direct available

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