Used and refurbished folding machines

In need of a good used folding machine? Rob-Son Graphics provides different types of folding machines, available from stock. We offer used MBO folding machines, Stahl folding machines, MB Bauerle folding machines,  but also Heidelberg Stahlfolder. Equipped with pallet infeed or round pile feeder (continuous feeder), and mobile knife folding units of MBO / Heidelberg.

used 12083 MB Bauerle Multimaster 38-4 folding machine (1)

MB Multimaster 38

Reference: 12083
Machinenumber: 95052266
Year: 1996

MBO B26 4/4

Reference: 11795
Machinenumber: 19366
Year: N/A

MBO T79 4/4/2

Reference: 12079
Machinenumber: 31911203
Year: 1992

MBO T535

Reference: 12072
Machinenumber: 111070120501
Year: 2012

Used MBO B30 folding machine with SBAP 72 ME delivery

MBO B30 E-R Folding Machine

Reference: 12080
Machine number: VV/16853
Year: 2002

MBO K66 4KL folding machine with round pile feeder MBO SBAP 46ME

MBO K66 4KL Folding Machine

Reference: 12066
Machine number: 66020322
Year: 2002

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TD 78 with pallet feeder, heidelberg TD 78 442 folding machine

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TD 78 4/4/2 Topline

Reference number: 11918
Machine number: N/A
Year of construction: 2001

Used MBO ASP 66-2ME mobile stream delivery with integrated pressing station

MBO ASP 66-2ME vertical stacker stream delivery

Reference: 11854
Machine number: 86980714
Year: 1998

Heidelberg Stahlfolder KD 78 / 6 KTL

Reference number: 11660
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Type: Stahlfolder KD 78 / 6 KTL
Machine number:
Year of construction: 2003

MBO T400 4/4 folding machine

MBO T400 4/4 Folding Machine

Reference: 11991
Machine number: 98 11 18 028
Year: 1998