Perfect Binding Machines and Equipment

Wohlenberg Quickbinder PUR and Hotmelt

Reference: 119900
Year: 2010
Available: shortly to be discussed

Laconda Classic+ B3 collator


Polar LW 1000-6 EV Pile Lift


Ambaflex Spiralveyor SV

Reference: 2210127
Year: 2016
Available: direct from stock

Müller Martini Normbinder


Müller Martini EB 2 Econobinder

Reference: 11990
Machinenumber: N/A
Year: 1970

Wohlenberg Quickbinder


Müller Martini hotmelt spine gluing unit

Reference: 11990
Machine number: N/A
Year: N/A

Kolbus TR 160 splitting saw

Reference: 11990
Machine number: N/A
Year: 1999

Bourg BB3000 perfect binder


Kolbus KM 470 perfect binding line

Reference: 12449
Machine number: N/A
Year: 1989 / 1998

Duplo UltraBIND 6000 PUR Perfect Binder

Reference: 11991
Machine number: N/A
Year: 2014

Prakma Glue Binder

Reference number: C11948
Machine number: 167063
Year of construction:1970

Wohlenberg Cold Glue Side Unit

Wohlenberg side gluing unit for cold glue. This cold glue side unit is suitable for the Wohlenberg Golf or Wohlenberg Vario perfect binder.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder folding rollers

Folding Follers Heidelberg and Stahl

Rob-Son Graphics International B.V. supplies new or replacement folding rollers for any Heidelberg or Stahl folding machine.