Muller Martini Primera E140 Saddle Stitcher

Reference: 12239
Machine number: N/A
Year: 2008

Muller Martini 3736 Streamfeeders

Reference: 12101
Machinenumber: N/A
Year: 1998

used pneumatic Muller Martini 277 bundle clamps

Müller Martini 277 Bundle Clamps

Reference: C11929
Machine number: 277.401
Year: 1999

Used OMG Sin Cronos Stream Feeder Used OMG bindery machines equipment Used stream feeders

OMG Sin Cronos Stream Feeder

Reference number: 11919
Manufacturer: OMG
Type: Sin Cronos
Machine number: N/A
Year: N/A

Muller Martini 423 Card Gluer Warenkleber for saddle stitchers | used muller martini saddle stitchers | used bindery machines

Muller Martini 423 Card Gluer

Reference number: 11765
Manufacturer: Muller Martini
Type: 423 Card Gluer
Machine number:
Year of construction: 2004

Müller Martini HK45 0305.0100 stitching head

Müller Martini 0305.0100 stitching head HK45

Reference number: 11660
Manufacturer: Müller Martini
Type: 0305.01000 hechtkop HK 45
Machine number:
Year of construction:

Müller Martini 292

Müller Martini 292 Cover Feeder

Reference number: 11586
Manufacturer: Müller Martini
Type: 292.0400
Machine number: 99.23575
Production year: 1990

Hohner 48/5 S hechtkop / stitching head

Hohner Universal 48/5 S stitching heads

Hohner 48/5 S stitching heads. Tested and checked with use of a Theisen & Bonitz stitching unit. All Hohner 48/5 S stitching heads are in good working condition.