Inserting machines for door to door flyer delivery

Rob-Son Graphics International B.V. sells custom modified flyer inserting machines. These machines are specially modified to insert flyers for flyer delivery. We adjust the machines to the needs and wants of the customer, so they can insert flyers without any problems.

What are the benefits of an inserting machine?

  • Base machine is a Müller Martini inserter, which is a high quality brand from Switzerland
  • Module system: we can expand a machine up to 30 units, and a minimum of 5 units
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Machine can be delivered in different conditions, meaning:
    – Used
    – Checked/refurbished
    – Modified/refurbished for selective inserting
  • Very user-friendly and thrustworthy machine
  • Cheaper and more eco-friendly than sealing in plastic
  • Inserter is able to insert or fold any type of flyer
  • Oblong flyers are inserted by means of a special diskfeeder
  • NET max flyers 6000-8000 an hour (depending on product)
  • Only takes a short training before staff can operate this machine

“Very user friendly and trustworthy machine, who can reach up to 6000 flyers NET an hour!”

Would you like to know how this machine can benefit your business?

Contact Robert van Wendel de Joode via or contact us by phone +31 85 201 07 05